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Car insurance


All car owners are bound by the law to have civil liability insurance for motor vehicles. This insurance covers damages caused by the vehicle to others.

The basic guarantee can be extended with a comprehensive insurance policy (referred to in Belgium as an "omnium arrangement"), covering damages to your own vehicle.


Ethias Assistance

Worldwide protection for you, your family and your car, 24 hours a day !


Home insurance

Owners look for optimal insurance to protect their properties.


Tenants are bound to take out fire insurance.



Every one of us can accidentally cause injury to other people. Family insurance or private life civil liability insurance primarily covers physical and material damage caused to third parties by yourself or a member of your family as part of your private life.



Domestic Help

Did you know that according to law, anyone who hires someone for household work must insure that person against work accidents that they might be the victim of, both while carrying out the work and while on the way to the work place? The cleaner, gardener and baby-sitter are never safe from accidents.

The Domestic Help Insurance therefore covers people you employ againt physical injuries.