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Direct insurer

To Ethias, being a direct insurer is not only a matter of business model. It is also about having a direct positive role and impact on the lives of its clients and people in general.


The economic developments following the war in Ukraine – especially the high inflation – have a direct negative impact on our purchasing power and welfare. In response, Ethias is committed to its products by supporting a range of insurances at affordable premiums, and, more broadly, the projects from18 Public Centres for Social Action (CPAS) aimed at helping young people in poverty. In 2022, Ethias created the Ethias Impact Fund to strengthen our fight against poverty.


Being a direct insurer means being close to people and their concerns.

Ethias' phygital model

Ethias puts the client experience at the centre of its concerns. And because each and every customer is above all a person, the human being will come first every time for Ethias.


Even if digital technology is an essential opportunity to continuously improve and expand our range of products and services, Ethias wants above all to remain attentive to the expectations and needs of its customers. Halfway between digital and human contact, Ethias offers the best of both worlds with a phygital approach. The goal? Providing a unique, simple, efficient and human experience.


In this period of uncertainty, Ethias must be anchored in reality and enhance its human approach.


Ethias is there for its customers: at any time in their lives and whenever they need it. Ethias and every one of its employees are at their side. Without ever judging them. We are there for them, so that they are never alone.


Our distribution Network

Ethias has the particularity of being a direct insurer. The policyholder deals directly with the company via:


- Visit 37 regional offices and their 200 advisors

- 2 Contact Centres and their 65 advisors

- 38 inspectors for public bodies and large brokers for businesses

- Internal services: 1.976 people available for policyholders

- Our website, which welcomes 4.3 million visitors a year


One main drive: Customer satisfaction!

Ethias is perceived in 2022 as a player with a wide range of insurance products, easily accessible, as well as quality contract and service*.


Satisfaction measured among Individual clients **

- The NPS study conducted in 2022 shows an overall satisfaction rate with Ethias of 92 %.

- After a first contact with Ethias, 2 out of 3 clients would recommend the insurer to their family and friends

Satisfaction measured among Public Bodies ***

- The overall satisfaction rate of Ethias’ clients is particularly high (93%).

- 9 out of 10 clients see Ethias as their preferred partner in the insurance field (Non-Life)

Ethias policyholders and its distribution network

Public Sector and businesses


Founded by representatives of public authorities, Ethias has always remained true to its vocation as an insurer of the public sector and its agents. By constantly developing its expertise, the number of affiliates has grown considerably over the years.


These now include:


- the Federal State, the Regions and the Communities

- Chamber, Senate, the parliaments of Regions and Communities

- the 10 provinces

- more than 580 cities and municipalities

- hundreds of social welfare centres and social housing companies

- thousands of inter-municipal, semi-public, public interest institutions and various associations (sports federations, cultural centers, youth centers, school committees, staff associations...)


Since January 1, 2000, Ethias has also been open to private companies. It puts its skills and experience at their service, helping them to manage their specific risks.


Ethias provides them with a comprehensive range of insurance products to meet their needs, whether for the protection of their employees, their liability or their assets.


General Public


Ethias went public in January 2000. Since then, the company covers:


- more than a million men and women in their daily lives: at home, on the move, at work or on vacation...

- more than 800.000 students and teachers

- nearly a million amateur athletes.

* These indicators come from the Brand Image study, which measures the positioning and image of Ethias towards private individuals (customers/prospects). 2022 sample: 2.000 respondents


** These indicators come from the NPS (Net Promoter Score) project, a tool set up in 2014 to measure the satisfaction and recommendation rate of private individuals (customers & prospects) who have had contact with Ethias. 2022 sample: 22.173 clients.


*** Indicators come from the Satisfaction & Moments of Truth survey first conducted within public bodies in 2011 et renewed once every 2-3 years. 2021 sample: 135 B2B clients.


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