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Through all its policies, charters and codes, Ethias makes its sustainability strategy concrete and actionable. These documents define the sustainability principles that the company sets for itself. By publishing them, Ethias undertakes to be transparent about its sustainability strategy, objectives and progress.

The Ethias Sustainability Framework is a document that summarizes the guiding principles of the company's sustainability strategy and its implementation in all its activities.


The sustainable and responsible investment strategy is aligned with Ethias' sustainability strategy. Through its financial investments, Ethias has a duty to act in the long-term interests of its policyholders and society in general.


Ethias' activities are by nature low-polluting. However, Ethias' CSR plan includes an ambitious environmental strategy in order to respond concretely to climate challenges. The company wants to change its behaviour on a global scale and inspire sustainable approaches in each of its stakeholders.

Social & Governance

Inspired by its corporate values, solidarity and social progress, Ethias wants to fully assume its social, societal and environmental responsibilities.

This approach is in line with its commitment to sustainable development, the pursuit of well-being for all and the improvement of the quality of life. It does so by addressing all the parties involved.


Compliance is part of the culture of a company that values honesty and integrity, respect for high ethical values in the conduct of business, and compliance with both the spirit and the letter of applicable regulations.

In this context, Ethias and its employees must behave with integrity and clients must always be treated honestly, fairly and professionally.

  • Fight against corruption
  • Policy on the prevention of money laundering and the financing of terrorism (AML)
  • Whistleblowing procedure

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