Human impacts


Ethias would be nothing without the strength and commitment of its 1.952 employees! For Ethias, social cohesion and the well-being of its staff is an absolute priority that is directly in line with its ESG values and commitments.

A respectful, collaborative and responsible social dialogue has always been part of Ethias’ corporate culture. The social cohesion of our the company allowed us to thrive for over a century.

HR Mission

Ethias pursues a customer-oriented, modern and integrated HR policy in the interest of the company and its employees by ensuring quality service and without losing sight of the available financial resources. Ethias truly believes that People & Business go hand in hand.

HR Vision

Ethias wants to create conditions that allow employees to give their best in order to maximize the company's performance and client satisfaction. To achieve this goal, HR works constructively with all stakeholders to create a working environment where accountability and commitment, mutual respect and trust are of the utmost importance. Ethias truly listens to employees and managers. This provides a healthy balance between employees’ needs and the company’s.

HR Strategy


  • Employer Branding

Employee Engagement Survey

In 2021, Ethias employees participated for the second year in a row in the Employee Engagement Survey. They were asked about their engagement and enablement. Areas of improvement are opportunities for Ethias to grow and optimise its working environment for the employees, the driving force of the company.

In 2022, the departments deployed their action plans.

  • 82% of colleagues took the survey
  • 86% see Ethias as a responsible company
  • 85% believe in the company's values

Top Employer 2023 certification

In the spring of 2022, Ethias was given four weeks to complete a comprehensive survey: 400 questions on 600 practices, divided into 6 themes and 20 sub-themes with a focus on Leadership Development, Employee Listening and Purpose. On 17 January 2023, Ethias received confirmation that it had been awarded the Top Employer label for the second time.

  • Together@Home and Office

Hybrid work

Ethias implemented a balanced hybrid work policy outside the COVID restrictions on the principle of “neither a right nor an obligation”.

Ethias still allows its employees to work from home voluntarily with 2 essential rules: the Team Together Day (i.e. the team must show up at the office at least once a week) and a maximum of 3 days of remote work per week.

This way, Ethias tries to find the right balance between faceto- face and remote work. By taking advantage of the benefits of distance learning, employees gain in flexibility, travel time, life balance... The company spares square meters while maintaining good productivity. All this without losing the social interactions and the corporate culture.

It is also important to ensure that people come to the office as much as possible on certain days of the week to strengthen relations between departments, facilitate the resolution of complex problems and stimulate innovation.

“Work from home” compensation

To reduce the costs of working from home, Ethias granted an allowance in 2022.

  • Re- & Upskilling Competencies

Ethias offers its staff many opportunities to evolve in exciting and varied positions, far from the clichés of the insurance industry. At the same time, it aims to promote a balance between professional and private life.


In 2022, the recruitment process happened more in person, even though video conference interviews also took place. 133 people were hired.

Internal promotion opportunities

Ethias’ employees have the necessary tools to keep on growing and changing positions within the company. In 2022, there were 177 transfers.


Training plays an important role in the sustainable employment of the employees. On the digital platform MyLearning, employees can, in consultation with HR and their manager, choose the training that suits their career.

Number of training courses in 2022 and number of participants:

  • 49 online courses (3.046 participants)
  • 185 webinars (2.060 participants)
  • 9 blended-learnings (62 participants)
  • 9 coaching sessions (1.235 participants)
  • 238 lectures (5.344 participants)

The ratio of distance learning to face-to-face training is shifting back to face-to-face. Colleagues need to meet each other, it is part of our culture and values.

Well-being trainings

Ethias wants to give its employees the tools they need to perform in their professional tasks, but also to promote their well-being. This is why Ethias regularly organises workshops and information sessions.

  • Webinar: Gunnar Michielsen “communication web”.
  • Training: Prevention of aggression
  • Assertiveness training

Ethias Young Talent Development Program

The Young Talents program, created in 2021, was relaunched in 2022. This one-year program brings together employees who will work in different areas, with the help of the universities of Hasselt and Liège but also internal experts, so that they can put together an innovative project for Ethias.


In 2022, we repeated the Leadership@Ethias program. This time, it was the field managers' turn. In preparation for the program, an assessment interview was held with each field manager to assess their specific needs. We put together a program based on that interview.

  • Sustainable Career


Due to the uncertainties of life, but also the improvement of the standard of living, Ethias wants to pay more attention to sustainable growth and the preservation of resources, including human potential.

HR's ambition is to move forward, to improve and to anticipate needs.

This is why HR has embarked on a long-term project to listen to its employees and make their careers sustainable.

Ethias is taking the pulse of three target groups to draw up a tailor-made plan:

  • Early career: young people up to 30
  • Mid-career: +/- 40/45 years old, with 15 to 20 years experience
  • Late career: +/- 55 years old

Management Committee

The Management Committee, appointed by the Foundation, is composed of 5 persons: Bruno Vanobbergen as chairman, Françoise Pissart as representative of the King Baudouin Foundation and Lucie Dewert, Bénédicte Passagez, Alain Flas as representatives of Ethias.

Bruno Vanobbergen was chosen as president for his expertise in the fight against child poverty and his knowledge of the associative field as well as for his sharing of Ethias' human values.

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