We have a dream


For over a hundred years, a heart has been beating at Ethias.

It beats at the pace of society. Our heart goes through the good and the bad times, it evolves and adapts to our ever-changing world.

At Ethias, we believe that the great challenges of our century can only be solved through action. We believe that action can make a difference on its own. As a company, as an employee, as a global citizen.

We passionately believe that every bit counts: every day is an impact day!

We decide to see the bright side of life, despite the state of the world. We rely on hope, which moves us forward, rather than despair, which keeps us grounded.

At Ethias, we believe that being sustainable is no longer enough. We believe in regeneration and are now beginning our transition from a responsible and committed company to a regenerative one.

At Ethias, we want to repair and revitalise rather than use and throw away. Giving more than we take. We want to take an active part, with you, in the regeneration of natural and human ecosystems, because one cannot exist without the other. 

Each of our clients, partners, suppliers, shareholders and employees is invited to join Ethias not so much for what it offers as for what it believes in and strives for.

Because at Ethias we will always fight for a fairer, more humane world and we will make sure that every product, every service, every initiative we launch remains true to our DNA and to this vision.

#DaringToBeHuman #Everydayisanimpactday

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