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For Ethias, recent years have been marked by numerous practical innovations, both serving the public and corporate sector as well as private individuals. These innovations all respond to the same need: to provide better service to policyholders, with a view to serving the public interest, protecting the environment and promoting social responsibility.

Among these innovations, we can mention:

A Heart for Sports: as a socially responsible insurer, Ethias offers to sports federations an extremely attractive coverage (1 euro per year and per member) which allows to cover cardiovascular and vascular-cerebral accidents occurring during or immediately after sports practice.

EthiasHospi: a web platform for reporting a hospital admission in advance and with ease.
The platform allows the insured to directly open his medical records even before arriving at the hospital, without administrative formalities or printing documents. This service allows to benefit from the third-party payment system (Ethias takes care of paying the hospital bills, without the insured needing to advance any money).

Eco-tariffs: a car insurance at a favourable price for drivers of green vehicles or drivers with few kilometres per year.

Ethias-MRI Prevention: Ethias has developed a free prevention service with text message warnings in case of severe weather conditions (storm, flood, snow, thundershowers ...) in collaboration with the Royal Meteorological Institute of Belgium (RMI-KMI).

Easevent: when organizing an event (show, fair, school festival, exhibition ...), the organizer is obliged to take out an insurance against many risks (personal injury, theft, fire, liability ...). Ethias has therefore designed an online service offering all the necessary insurances for any type of event.

EaseNet Pension: this is a secure IT platform that allows fast and smooth data management for pension files. Hence, the "pension file managers" of the public bodies insured by Ethias have advanced tools at their disposal for various tasks (encoding, file management, statistical reporting, simulations, data crossing) as well as a secure messaging system to dialogue with experts at Ethias.

Ethias Publi-Plan: a tool for career planning in the public sector and providing Ethias' policyholders with a comprehensive view of their costs/pension obligation.

"Ethias Auto 24/7" for iPhone and Android: free application allowing the Ethias client to report an accident, theft or glass breakage directly from his/her tablet or smartphone. Practical tips complement the app, such as direct call to Ethias Assistance, a list of authorized repairers, a list of emergency numbers and Ethias contact information (for finding the closest Ethias office).

Ethias Safest Route: this application lists the dangerous spots in the Belgian road system. It helps to plan the safest route and alerts you when approaching dangerous zones.

Ethias Prevention Reporter: an application for assisted and automated reporting on prevention, providing a range of relevant information, such as geo-tracking of risks/accidents, categorization of risks/accidents, photo/video functionalities and links to legal texts.

Redesigning the Ethias website (end-2015): besides the production of quotes, the taking out of insurance policies and the declaration of claims, it is now possible to underwrite 7 insurance products fully online, from quote to payment. A first for the Belgian insurance market.

This innovation culture has been recognized through multiple awards:

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