Company profile

Our values are as follows:


  • Human: humanity is at the heart of all our relationships. We are a true partner for each of our interlocutors. For us, proximity and solidarity are no empty words.


  • Commitment: for nearly 100 years, we are daily committed to our clients, to our colleagues and to society. We are reliable, trustworthy and purposeful. This commitment also relates to ethics, which remains at the root of all our actions, and to our social responsibility.


  • Client satisfaction: this is the driving force of our activities and of all our actions. Driven by our mutualist origins, we emphasize on client contact possibilities and on exemplary service quality. Our accessibility, our efficiency, our flexibility clearly contribute to the satisfaction of our clients.


  • Enthusiasm: because whatever happens, a heart beats within Ethias. Every day, we show energy, vitality, optimism and dynamism. This enthusiasm leads us to be creative and to undertake innovative projects in support of clients.


  • Our values are expressed in daily life (in customer service, during claim handling, when giving information by phone ...). They are also materialized when implementing our dynamic policy of corporate social responsibility (CSR), listening to the concerns of our policyholders, private individuals as well as public bodies.

Corporate Social Responsability (CSR)


CSR is a real management tool on a daily basis. Within Ethias, CSR is based on both the theoretical fundaments shared at international level and the company's values of humanism and solidarity.

This approach is translated into an operational strategy and concrete actions, both in the behaviour of Ethias and its workers, in its ethical investment policy and in the development of innovative products, at the service of the policyholders and of the community in the broad sense.

For example, online technological innovations not only allow better proximity services for policyholders, but also a substantial reduction in printing, postal mail exchanges, work trips ... all of this to the benefit of reducing CO2 emissions. This environmental concern is also reflected through financial benefits for policyholders, such as the Eco-tariffs that reward responsible behaviour.

Besides the environmental aspect, this dynamic CSR approach guides Ethias in its societal actions. The Ethical Investment Code arises directly from this commitment to social responsibility, as well as the implication of Ethias in road prevention, its support to social initiatives, its investments in social economy and the refusal of exclusion, regardless of the insured's age, health or degree of disability.

Quality services 

Quality service is not a given, but a value that is to be put into practice by all employees on a daily basis. For optimizing the quality of its services, Ethias has implemented two fundamental management tools, namely ISO certification and regular satisfaction surveys.

In that respect, Ethias holds quarterly satisfaction surveys that focus on the quality and efficiency of its products and services. These regular checks allow to measure the fit between what Ethias offers and what policyholders expect. With such measures, Ethias can permanently challenge its offer and continue to maintain its brave innovation dynamics.



  • Our slogan : Smile assured

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