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Our policyholders and our products

Private Individuals

Ethias is a direct insurer, offering a complete range of Life and Non-Life products:


·   In Non-Life, besides its flagship products, namely car insurance and home insurance, Ethias also offers assistance, health care coverage, coverage for civil liability and travel cancellation insurance.


·   In Life, Ethias mainly sells life insurance policies with no life component and branch 23 contracts. Ethias has also entered into a distribution partnership with Integrale for branch 21 products.


Our customer approach revolves around a continuous development of new and even more efficient products, on the one hand, and accessible and customized solutions with the best price/quality ratio, on the other hand. Our goal is that our products are designed in such a way that they give the best possible answer to the needs of our policyholders, whether they are agents of the public service or private individuals.


Our customer base is loyal and includes over one million policyholders with insurances for personal risks.


Public Sector

Ethias has been the privileged insurance partner of the Public Sector since 1919. Its insured parties include the Federal State, Regions and Communities, local public authorities (provinces, cities and municipalities, public social welfare centres ...), public companies as well as thousands of intercommunity and semi-public bodies, schools, hospitals, public interest organizations and miscellaneous associations ...


Ethias covers all the potential risks which employees face in public services: civil liability, health care, accidents, including not only work accidents but also sporting injuries, motor vehicle and assistance ...


Ethias also covers damage to or destruction of equipment, buildings and installations.


With regard to pension insurance, Ethias is a player of major importance in the development of first and second pillar pension schemes in the public sector.

But being an insurer today is not simply covering a series of financial risks, it is also about adopting a comprehensive prevention risk policy. For several years now, Ethias has been conducting a proactive and dynamic prevention policy across all its products and services (risk prevention relating to work accidents or hazardous weather conditions), and through innovative initiatives (prevention blog on the website, various trainings for our clients through the training institute “Ethias Members' Academy”, various publications ...).



Since 2000, Ethias has also been accessible to private businesses, offering them its skills and expertise acquired in the public sector and non-profit sector. For allowing these businesses to take a lead in risk management, Ethias offers them a range of insurances responding to their specific needs and including the protection of:


·   Their patrimony: car insurance, property and casualty insurance, machine breakage, all-risk insurance ...


·   Their liabilities: civil liability for businesses, civil liability for directors and officers;


·   Their staff: work accidents insurance, life accidents insurance, hospitalization insurance, guaranteed income insurance, group insurance.

Position on the Belgian market

The majority of Ethias' activities are focussed on the Belgian market. Ethias is the country's fourth-largest insurer, for all activities combined, with a 8,8 % market share, and is the country's premier insurer of the public sector and its agents.

Our distribution network

Ethias is the only major direct insurer in Belgium, where brokers and bankinsurers have a predominant position.


For private individuals, Ethias distributes its products via three direct distribution channels:


o   Insurance advisors, located throughout the country, in a network of 37 offices


o   Two "customer centers" available to policyholders where 96 agents managed in 2020 more than 1 200 000 incoming and outgoing calls, 125.000 emails, 106 500 text chats, and 37 500 social media contacts


o   The website with over 23 700 000 web pages viewed in 2020:


·   a secure personal space (named "My Ethias"), allowing policyholders to consult their insurances and to declare certain claims


·   11 insurance products (various products and formulas in Owner and Tenant Home Insurance, Assistance Insurance, Cancellation and Luggage, Private Life Civil Liability Insurance, Digital Omnium, Car Insurance) can be fully underwritten online (entire process ranging from quote to payment).


A team of inspectors and prevention specialists is at the service of local public authorities and companies, with the collaboration of specialized brokers for private businesses. With the Ethias Extranet, public authorities and companies can obtain all the required information on the nature and type of products offered by Ethias, they can calculate one or more quotes and directly subscribe online the insurance contract(s) they require in view of an optimal protection.

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