An increasingly sustainable product range


By continuously improving its product range, Ethias aims to cover Belgian society in difficult times, to contribute to a healthier environment by encouraging responsible behaviour, and to make healthcare accessible to all.

For individual clients


Ethias offers a “under 10.000 km” insurance, a specific tariff for green vehicles, a unique "Ethias Young Drivers" offer as well as basic insurance at an accessible cost for more solidarity. Active mobility covered free of charge in the family insurance.

New version of Bike & More

While the car market is in trouble, the bike market has never been better. The momentum generated by the health crisis continues to build.

The Bike & More product is growing at an average of 51% since its launch in 2019. Today, the growth continues and has reached 24% in 2022 thanks to actions carried out by Ethias throughout the summer. The Mobility Pack (25% discount on the Bike & More product when combined with car insurance) boosted the conversion rate of quotes into Bike & More contracts to over 60%. By the end of December 2022, nearly 18,000 clients trusted Ethias with this insurance product, in line with its ESG policy.


Ethias’ goal? To complete the range of healthcare products to ensure affordable and accessible care for all.

Ethias Hospi Quality

A quality and affordable hospital insurance, ensuring comfort in difficult times in a single room (Joker system) in case of hospitalisation due to a serious illness.

Servi + guarantee for Hospi Quality+ and Hospi Next+ products

After hospitalisation due to a serious illness, it is important to be able to count on support during rehabilitation. Thanks to a partnership with Ring Twice, one of the first approved platforms for the collaborative economy, Ethias reimburses up to €500 per year for non-medical home help services in the following areas: housekeeping, baby-sitting, gardening, DIY, care and well-being, pet-sitting, private lessons in connection with your current schooling, or cosmetic products (turban, scarf, etc.). Ethias also reimburses these costs up to a maximum of €500 if the insured chooses a service provider other than those offered through the Ring Twice partnership.


The home insurance automatically covers green installations (solar panels, photovoltaic panels, heat pumps, etc.)

Co-tenant insurance Flora by Ethias

The number of flat-shares is growing significantly and is due to the fact that access to property is becoming increasingly difficult for young people and single-parent families.

Launched in October 2021, Flora's co-tenant insurance is a zero deductible insurance policy that provides all co-tenants with third party liability cover for damage to the rented property or neighbouring properties as well as content cover for the entire rented property. Ethias brought a unique option to the market that allows co-tenants to purchase an insurance cover for damages they would cause to each other as well as assistance in conflict management. A very useful guarantee when we know that more and more co-tenants did not know each other before moving in together.

Legal Aid Insurance

Since December 2019, Ethias offers a Legal Aid Insurance product, in accordance with the "Geens Act". The objective of this law is to make Legal Protection insurance more accessible by extending its coverage. In addition, the premium is deductible for tax.


Assistance & Cancellation

5 COVID-related cover extensions have been integrated into the Assistance and Cancellation products, automatically (for both existing and new clients) and free of charge (no premium surcharge). These benefit extensions allow Ethias’ clients to benefit from extended cover in the event of a pandemic such as COVID.



Ethias works in partnership with the Walloon Housing Fund and with various agents who sell social loans in Wallonia via the Whestia outstanding balance insurance label.

Social housing

Ethias is a partner of more than 30 social housing companies in Flanders (including Woonhaven Antwerpen, the largest social housing company in Flanders) and offers its insurance products (Home, Family and optional Theft cover) at a rate adapted to this target group of tenants.

67.000 social houses have an adapted package for their basic insurance: important instruments to fight poverty.

The Housing Fund for large families in Wallonia

In 2021, Ethias entered into a partnership with the “Fonds du Logement des familles nombreuses de Wallonie”. Customers who take out a mortgage through this social fund can also benefit from our home insurance.

Vlaams Huurdersplatform

At the end of 2022, Ethias entered into a partnership with the Vlaams Huurdersplatform. The VHP supports the functioning of the tenants' unions and the network of social tenants (VIVAS - Vereniging van Inwoners Van Sociale woningen). This association also protects the interests of tenants, particularly the most vulnerable, by virtue of the fundamental right to housing. VHP affiliates and members can purchase tenant insurance at a discounted rate.

Blue Bike

Ethias extended its collaboration with Blue Bike until 2024. Blue Bike is a shared bike system in which De Lijn and the Flemish and Walloon Regions are the main shareholders.

Ethias and Blue Bike are working closely together to achieve sustainable mobility. In addition to visibility at bike points and on bikes, we are looking for other win-win activities as part of our Sustainability strategy.

For the public sector & corporate clients

Ethias, leading insurer in the public sector, insures major public sector players committed to sustainable development and alternative energy.


Mobility & More

The Mobility & More insurance is an innovative and flexible product that covers the travel of the clients' staff members regardless of the mode of travel used (and more particularly active mobility). Employers can choose between different cover options to offer their employees comprehensive mobility cover on the way to and from work.

Bike & More

The aim of the "Bike & More" group insurance is to encourage employers to promote active mobility by insuring their employees’ vehicle at advantageous rates.

Recently, Ethias extended this product to the guarantee “civil liability for the use of a soft mobility device” in order to further promote soft mobility for professional use and to offer employees guarantees similar to those enjoyed by employees who own a company car.


Property insurance (fire and all risks)

Ethias insures green energy sources (photovoltaic panels, solar panels, heat pumps and charging stations for electric vehicles) either in Property policies or through specific covers (all risks insurance).

Business interruption cover after a property claim

The aim is to prevent bankruptcy after a disaster by covering overhead costs before the production tools are repaired and by facilitating the restart of the company. It is a kind of life insurance for the organisation.

Cyber Protection Insurance

This insurance has been developed for local public bodies (municipalities, cities, CPAS, police and rescue zones) to cover their cyber risks and to help them to further secure their IT tools as well as their business data in the service of the people.

The goal is to make these clients aware of the importance of protecting their sensitive data and to support them in securing their IT infrastructure.


Occupational disease insurance

As a societal player, Ethias has created brand new product on the Belgian market to meet its clients’ needs and concerns about the COVID pandemic. More than ever, employers and employees are aware of the need to have optimal coverage when they are exposed to an occupational health risk.

This new product provides extra-legal compensation to employees and staff in the private sector and in local and provincial governments who suffer from an occupational disease recognised by Fedris.

Hospiflex insurance - Servi + guarantee

This optional benefit covers the cost of non-medical services (gardening, cleaning, etc.) to improve the well-being of insured persons hospitalised due to a serious illness.

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