Presentation on 2019 results

    29.04.2020 2019 results 
    10.10.2019 Q2 2019 results

    Presentation of 2018 results

    28.06.2018 Q1 2018 results
    25.10.2018 Q2 2018 results
    20.12.2018 Q3 2018 results
    02.04.2019 Q4 2018 Results

    Presentation of 2017 results
    26.04.2018 Presentation on 2017 results (BGAAP for Ethias SA and IFRS for Ethias Group)
    26.04.2018 Call on 2017 results
    06.05.2018 SFCR report
    17.05.2018 Publication of our annual report (BGAAP and IFRS)
    all on 2015 results on the 27th of April 2016

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