Company profile

The origin: a group with a mutual insurance philosophy

A mutual insurance association is created by its members and operates for its members. Although our legal form has evolved over time, we remain imbued with this philosophy

In 1919, a group of municipal and provincial authorities founded the "Société Mutuelle des Administrations Publiques" (abbreviated as SMAP) for the insurance against fire, lightning and explosions.

This was the beginning of a rich history with various turns and many successes, leading up to a strong insurance group who today has over 1 million policyholders. 

Our structure

Ethias SA is the operational entity of the group since it centralizes all Life and Non-Life insurance activities.


Ethias SA is also the sole or majority shareholder of the companies of the Group, such as Ethias Services (consultancy company specialized in pension insurance), Ethias Patrimoine (acquisition and management company for movable and real estate assets), Ethias Sustainable Investment Fund (institutional SICAV under Belgian law), and NRB (IT company) and is present in other companies in which it has acquired interests.


The Management Committee


The Management Committee is responsible for the actual running of the company. It controls the business lines and support activities, in accordance with the strategy, policy and risk appetite determined by the Board of Directors.

The Management Committee consists of Philippe Lallemand (Chief Executive Officer), Benoît-Laurent Yerna (Chief Risk Officer), Wilfried Neven (Deputy CEO, Chief Customer Experience Officer), Nicolas Dumazy (Chief Strategy & Data Officer), Izabella Molnar (Chief Digital Transformation Officer), Luc Kranzen (Chief Claims & Delight Officer), Joris Laenen (Chief Investment & Life Officer) and Maryline Serafin (Chief Financial Officer).

The Board of Directors

The Board of Directors outlines the company’s strategy and overall policy, while defining the appetite for risk, as proposed or recommended by the Management Committee. The Board of Directors is also responsible for overseeing the company's management. In this capacity, the Board of Directors keeps a watchful eye on risk policy, financial stability and relations with shareholders.

The Board of Directors is made up of 16 members: 4 executives (members of the Management Committee) and 12 non-executive members. The non-executive members do not carry out actual management tasks, but instead supervise these tasks to ensure they are carried out properly.

The members are the following:

o   Myriam Van Varenbergh - Chairwoman

o   Jacques Braggaar

o   Marc Descheemaecker

o   Kathleen Desmedt

o   Claude Melen

o   Olivier Henin

o   Ingrid Loos

o   Marc Meurant

o   Philip Neyt

o   Dewi Van De Vyver

o   Karl Van Borm

o   Bruno van Lierde

o   Philippe Lallemand

o   Maryline Serafin

o   Wilfried Neven

o   Benoît-Laurent Yerna

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